Everyone matters.

“What I’m and what I’ll be isn’t for people to love me. It is to win the battle I have within myself everyday.”

It’s really hard to blend in the world with a skeptical mind and a sensitive heart. When every little scenario can lead to an impact, it takes ounces of courage to teach myself what’s right and wrong.

The real success is putting back my original pieces and convincing myself that I can make it through. I change. I’m in fact obsessed with new beginnings. Change is constant and it doesn’t need an explanation.

-For everyone who’s struggling to define yourself, explain yourself, don’t. Just don’t. Be who you are. You don’t need a validation. You made it today. You’ll make it any other day. 

“Today you are you, that’s truer than true. There is no one alive who’s Youer than you.”-Dr. Seuss



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