To those who can’t find themselves..

You there. Do you know you’re like a triggerfish, so beautiful yet so aggressive? But you, of course, do not know that you’ve stars in you, infinite number, which can illuminate your whole sky.

Your features are limitless and you’ve so many capabilities in you. Then why don’t you appreciate yourself?

I know you’ve lost many people. You obviously don’t want to lose more. But mind you, out of all those ‘important'(as you say) people, you’ve lost yourself at the earliest. Do you know why? Because you were too occupied with the so-called-important-people.

Trust me, you’ll have to deal with everything alone. No one will come to save you. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Crave for yourself and not for them. Love your sharp edges, your roughness, your imperfections, your wounds and ugliest scars. They have taught you so much. They have actually shaped you. Run your fingers through your perfections, slowly, lovingly. No, don’t be afraid.

Fall back in love. Fall back in that extraordinary love with yourself. Rediscover your strongest talent and nurture it. Embrace it. Swim just like the triggerfish in the constellation of countless stars; swiftly,  aggressively, efficiently, beautifully. You’re strong enough to do that. Just start from somewhere, anywhere, then see how you rock your sky.

Yours lovingly,

A girl who has finally found herself.


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