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Oh tell me who doesn’t have a thing for skies. The gloomy grey, the lilac, the sunset and the starry Nights. 

The wrath of the clouds some evenings, the pleasant smile the other days. Oh boi, and the definitely changing mood swing tantrums’ surely got a thing to say. It’s not the morning coffee that keeps me happy but the bright blue sky that makes me go flippy-floppy.

The sight that lay above me

Makes my tiny heart start reeling,

Coz now it’s my darkened room’s ceiling.

Though the stars strung high above me,

Claim I’m a part of it all

I can’t stop their large expanse,

From making me feel small.

 _🎈 Just_another_obsession. 


It’s these little things that matter in our life. Look around, everything is so damn beautiful. The thought of bringing in a change in me like cutting my hair, piercing my ears, meeting new people, small talks about nothing and everything bring me so much joy. I live the moment. Trust me, it’s always easier this way !! 


 Ps: Ear piercing-15.07.2k17


Someone asked me if I was sad the other day. I said no and I know I was being honest. I can still smile on my birthday and when I pass the test that I was certain I’d fail.

“So I’m not sad, but I can’t say I’m happy either.”


I want to go on a road trip someday. Alone or with people I love. I want to get away. Explore places. Stop a lot to just admire the view. Visit museums and try out coffee shops. Listen to music while driving. Have a camera. Take pretty pictures of the sunrise. Take pictures of myself. Run through a forest. Chase fog. Chase sun. Spend hours on a field making flower crowns. Buy souvenirs. Feel wind in my hair. Meet people. Take time to observe. I want to make memories. I want to feel alive 😊



I’ve come across the saying “Losing a friend hurts more than anything” but haven’t pretty much idealised it’s true essence until I was put in it’s shoe.

Out of all the strangers we come across, we only befriend a few and these people contribute to a majority of changes in our lives.

We become partners in crime. Inseparable by heart and lovers by our care and affection.

But how would it feel if suddenly, one day, we wake up to know that they’ve changed? That they have got other priorities? That they can’t laugh, cry and enjoy with us? GOSH//

Friends are the ones we take for granted because of their full time presence in our lives. We just keep thinking they’ll never leave us. Oh my, but if they do, we can never explain the feeling of betrayal, guilt & hopelessness. 

In this changed and ruined world, if you still have 2-3 best friends by your side to rant, talk, cry, laugh, enjoy, party, go out on dates-feel blessed. Keep them safe because only when you know the pain of being alone, will you start valuing people’s worth πŸƒ



[When I almost thought I had lost my friend]

Change is the only constant.

Dear you~ 

If you really don’t know what one year can do to anyone’s life, I can pretty much tell you.

One year is a very long time. Things can change. You might mature. You might cut your hair short. Your friends circle might expand. It might even lead you in loneliness.

Just as much as you’ll go through happiness, you can totally soak yourself in self-loathing and depression too.

One year can change your entire life upside down. It can give you strength, hope, love, life, friends and can take away anything too.

Things have changed in my life. But not nearly as quick as how it changes in a year.

Be grateful for everything that’s changing. It’s a constant reminder that nothing’s permanent. Love yourself. Explore. Make new beginnings. Enjoy. Take risks. Stay strong. Stay you.


Ps. Looking back a year ago to May 9

Beginnings :)Β 

Woahh. I can’t believe I started my own blog. It’s better this way actually. 

The more I talk to people, the more I realise it’s better to just write down things. 

I’m going to fill in all the unanswered voids in my surreal life. You can find my writings as deep as the ocean and as naive as the human mind. 

You’ve come to the right place if you want real motivation and help in dealing life with a pinch of my writings. Sometimes they might be depressing too, but what’s a writer who isn’t a lil’ brokenΒΏ?

Hold on

Just keep reading..