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It’s these little things that matter in our life.

Look around, everything is so damn beautiful. The thought of bringing in a change in me like cutting my hair, piercing my ears, meeting new people, small talks about nothing and everything bring me so much joy.

I live the moment. Trust me, it’s always easier this way !! 

Ps: Ear piercing-15.07.2k17


What makes the day most interesting and worth looking back are all the sudden-made decisions and unexpected fun. The giggles, talks, teasing, food-times, movies with best friends give us no regrets. Friends really do bring the smile on our faces that was long lost. I had a good time today 🙂 Thanks to my friends. 


Begin everyday with a positive note. A smile on your face and calmness in your heart, for it’s guaranteed to be one of the best ones. 
I had mine. Wouldn’t you want to try for yours?¿