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Just like always, misery loves company and she loves being alone.


It’s been a long tiring series of events that gave an insight to happiness, joy, missings, and thoughts all this while. Now it’s new beginnings and time to explore adventures. It’s great to meet new people and let them know a newer version of myself. 

Y does new starts excite me so much //?

Hope the sailing goes smooth…β›΅

_🎈 New_beginning_obsession 

​For once let’s not talk about pain, loss, and suffering. For once, let’s bring in the good vibes. 

Let’s all show our true feelings. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s cry, laugh, get angry instead of calling ourselves a professional fake-smiler. Let’s embrace our scars, our wounds, our flaws, our imperfections and feel positive about it. 

For once in the entire history of time, let’s stay true to ourselves and look in the mirror and smile and appreciate for who we are. Coz in this world of cruelty, self appreciation is appreciated.❀