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What makes the day most interesting and worth looking back are all the sudden-made decisions and unexpected fun. The giggles, talks, teasing, food-times, movies with best friends give us no regrets. Friends really do bring the smile on our faces that was long lost. I had a good time today 🙂 Thanks to my friends. 


Begin everyday with a positive note. A smile on your face and calmness in your heart, for it’s guaranteed to be one of the best ones. 
I had mine. Wouldn’t you want to try for yours?¿




I’ve come across the saying “Losing a friend hurts more than anything” but haven’t pretty much idealised it’s true essence until I was put in it’s shoe.

Out of all the strangers we come across, we only befriend a few and these people contribute to a majority of changes in our lives.

We become partners in crime. Inseparable by heart and lovers by our care and affection.

But how would it feel if suddenly, one day, we wake up to know that they’ve changed? That they have got other priorities? That they can’t laugh, cry and enjoy with us? GOSH//

Friends are the ones we take for granted because of their full time presence in our lives. We just keep thinking they’ll never leave us. Oh my, but if they do, we can never explain the feeling of betrayal, guilt & hopelessness. 

In this changed and ruined world, if you still have 2-3 best friends by your side to rant, talk, cry, laugh, enjoy, party, go out on dates-feel blessed. Keep them safe because only when you know the pain of being alone, will you start valuing people’s worth 🍃



[When I almost thought I had lost my friend]