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It’s said she’s made of storm cells

And a wild wolf’s hungry heart,

That she’s learnt the lightning’s secret,

To ripping darkened skies apart.

The power of her presence

Can bring mountains to her knees,

Her song is one of choas

As she stirs the angry seas. 

Great souls don’t always come

inside forms that you’d assume,

But you’d never doubt her strength,

When she’s howling at the moon.




Oh tell me who doesn’t have a thing for skies. The gloomy grey, the lilac, the sunset and the starry Nights. 

The wrath of the clouds some evenings, the pleasant smile the other days. Oh boi, and the definitely changing mood swing tantrums’ surely got a thing to say. It’s not the morning coffee that keeps me happy but the bright blue sky that makes me go flippy-floppy.

The sight that lay above me

Makes my tiny heart start reeling,

Coz now it’s my darkened room’s ceiling.

Though the stars strung high above me,

Claim I’m a part of it all

I can’t stop their large expanse,

From making me feel small.

 _🎈 Just_another_obsession. 

It’s been a long tiring series of events that gave an insight to happiness, joy, missings, and thoughts all this while. Now it’s new beginnings and time to explore adventures. It’s great to meet new people and let them know a newer version of myself. 

Y does new starts excite me so much //?

Hope the sailing goes smooth…β›΅

_🎈 New_beginning_obsession 

Everyone matters.

“What I’m and what I’ll be isn’t for people to love me. It is to win the battle I have within myself everyday.”

It’s really hard to blend in the world with a skeptical mind and a sensitive heart. When every little scenario can lead to an impact, it takes ounces of courage to teach myself what’s right and wrong.

The real success is putting back my original pieces and convincing myself that I can make it through. I change. I’m in fact obsessed with new beginnings. Change is constant and it doesn’t need an explanation.

-For everyone who’s struggling to define yourself, explain yourself, don’t. Just don’t. Be who you are. You don’t need a validation. You made it today. You’ll make it any other day. 

“Today you are you, that’s truer than true. There is no one alive who’s Youer than you.”-Dr. Seuss


It’s these little things that matter in our life. Look around, everything is so damn beautiful. The thought of bringing in a change in me like cutting my hair, piercing my ears, meeting new people, small talks about nothing and everything bring me so much joy. I live the moment. Trust me, it’s always easier this way !! 


 Ps: Ear piercing-15.07.2k17