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It’s said she’s made of storm cells

And a wild wolf’s hungry heart,

That she’s learnt the lightning’s secret,

To ripping darkened skies apart.

The power of her presence

Can bring mountains to her knees,

Her song is one of choas

As she stirs the angry seas. 

Great souls don’t always come

inside forms that you’d assume,

But you’d never doubt her strength,

When she’s howling at the moon.



Behind the masks

//“God has given us one face and we make ourselves another”

There’s more to people than their happy, interesting social media uploads and their huge plastered smile. We can never understand someone fully until and unless they become comfortable and yet there’s always a side that’s kept secret.

So, Is it fair enough to judge people ? Can we really act like we know their problems and have our say?

It’s kinda tragic how the era has changed- where people have no time to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes before having their say ’cause it’s become so uncool.

Just because someone is able to smile, hold their heads up and carry on in life, it doesn’t mean that they are leading a perfect one. There’s a huge need to respect everyone’s ideals and opinions. 


To those who can’t find themselves..

You there. Do you know you’re like a triggerfish, so beautiful yet so aggressive? But you, of course, do not know that you’ve stars in you, infinite number, which can illuminate your whole sky.

Your features are limitless and you’ve so many capabilities in you. Then why don’t you appreciate yourself?

I know you’ve lost many people. You obviously don’t want to lose more. But mind you, out of all those ‘important'(as you say) people, you’ve lost yourself at the earliest. Do you know why? Because you were too occupied with the so-called-important-people.

Trust me, you’ll have to deal with everything alone. No one will come to save you. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Crave for yourself and not for them. Love your sharp edges, your roughness, your imperfections, your wounds and ugliest scars. They have taught you so much. They have actually shaped you. Run your fingers through your perfections, slowly, lovingly. No, don’t be afraid.

Fall back in love. Fall back in that extraordinary love with yourself. Rediscover your strongest talent and nurture it. Embrace it. Swim just like the triggerfish in the constellation of countless stars; swiftly,  aggressively, efficiently, beautifully. You’re strong enough to do that. Just start from somewhere, anywhere, then see how you rock your sky.

Yours lovingly,

A girl who has finally found herself.

Paint me a wish on the velvet sky..

As she strides along the road late in the night, she realises that there’s something more to the silence and midnight sky. 

She was lost like a fire that was struggling to burn a little brighter. Somehow, the dark, mysterious clouds and violet sky gave her more pleasure than any other. 

She always said it felt like home.

She was one of a kind – mysterious, low-key, captivating every soul her eyes met. Always in her own little world that she hardly spoke about, feeling like she never belong anywhere. 

Was she sadΒΏ?

She always denied, failing to realise her cold eyes meant something more. She was lost and she knew it too. Too scared to own it all and built a wall so high, never letting anyone break in.

People saw only the cold rage in her but failed to notice a never-ending sky, so beautiful with shinning stars and moonlight that dazzled on her heart. 

All she had to do was break free, but with the ironic battle between her mind and heart, she felt lost and defeated. But pretty soon she realised that life isn’t a smooth sail and shouldn’t let it keep her down. Atleast not anymore.

With an intense urge to break free,she burst into a trillion stars into the neverending sky and waits to fall for the one who wishes upon her. 

β˜… They say every atom in our body was once a part of star. Maybe she wasn’t leaving, maybe she’s just going home β˜…


Hey strong β™₯

People who feel everything so deeply can never turn off their hearts.

They want the world and everything in it. They want to hold onto it tightly, keep it close and don’t want to lose it.

They feel obliged to save people, to fix them, to make things better.

And yes, they feel too much. I wish they had the answers to why-why they were being chosen to be the fragile one.

So whenever you are, whoever you are, if you feel things deeply-please don’t stop being you. Please don’t stop loving the world and everyone who comes into yours. Please don’t stop hoping for better days, don’t stop trying to get out right, to make things good. 

Soon enough you’ll run across someone who will see all these things in you and call you beautiful. They will be glad to have met you.

You’re a blessing in disguise. Don’t feel sorry for your weak and strong heart. This world needs YOU


Change is the only constant.

Dear you~ 

If you really don’t know what one year can do to anyone’s life, I can pretty much tell you.

One year is a very long time. Things can change. You might mature. You might cut your hair short. Your friends circle might expand. It might even lead you in loneliness.

Just as much as you’ll go through happiness, you can totally soak yourself in self-loathing and depression too.

One year can change your entire life upside down. It can give you strength, hope, love, life, friends and can take away anything too.

Things have changed in my life. But not nearly as quick as how it changes in a year.

Be grateful for everything that’s changing. It’s a constant reminder that nothing’s permanent. Love yourself. Explore. Make new beginnings. Enjoy. Take risks. Stay strong. Stay you.


Ps. Looking back a year ago to May 9

​For once let’s not talk about pain, loss, and suffering. For once, let’s bring in the good vibes. 

Let’s all show our true feelings. Let’s be ourselves. Let’s cry, laugh, get angry instead of calling ourselves a professional fake-smiler. Let’s embrace our scars, our wounds, our flaws, our imperfections and feel positive about it. 

For once in the entire history of time, let’s stay true to ourselves and look in the mirror and smile and appreciate for who we are. Coz in this world of cruelty, self appreciation is appreciated.❀