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To those who can’t find themselves..

You there. Do you know you’re like a triggerfish, so beautiful yet so aggressive? But you, of course, do not know that you’ve stars in you, infinite number, which can illuminate your whole sky.

Your features are limitless and you’ve so many capabilities in you. Then why don’t you appreciate yourself?

I know you’ve lost many people. You obviously don’t want to lose more. But mind you, out of all those ‘important'(as you say) people, you’ve lost yourself at the earliest. Do you know why? Because you were too occupied with the so-called-important-people.

Trust me, you’ll have to deal with everything alone. No one will come to save you. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Crave for yourself and not for them. Love your sharp edges, your roughness, your imperfections, your wounds and ugliest scars. They have taught you so much. They have actually shaped you. Run your fingers through your perfections, slowly, lovingly. No, don’t be afraid.

Fall back in love. Fall back in that extraordinary love with yourself. Rediscover your strongest talent and nurture it. Embrace it. Swim just like the triggerfish in the constellation of countless stars; swiftly,  aggressively, efficiently, beautifully. You’re strong enough to do that. Just start from somewhere, anywhere, then see how you rock your sky.

Yours lovingly,

A girl who has finally found herself.

Everyone matters.

“What I’m and what I’ll be isn’t for people to love me. It is to win the battle I have within myself everyday.”

It’s really hard to blend in the world with a skeptical mind and a sensitive heart. When every little scenario can lead to an impact, it takes ounces of courage to teach myself what’s right and wrong.

The real success is putting back my original pieces and convincing myself that I can make it through. I change. I’m in fact obsessed with new beginnings. Change is constant and it doesn’t need an explanation.

-For everyone who’s struggling to define yourself, explain yourself, don’t. Just don’t. Be who you are. You don’t need a validation. You made it today. You’ll make it any other day. 

“Today you are you, that’s truer than true. There is no one alive who’s Youer than you.”-Dr. Seuss


It’s these little things that matter in our life.

Look around, everything is so damn beautiful. The thought of bringing in a change in me like cutting my hair, piercing my ears, meeting new people, small talks about nothing and everything bring me so much joy.

I live the moment. Trust me, it’s always easier this way !! 

Ps: Ear piercing-15.07.2k17


What makes the day most interesting and worth looking back are all the sudden-made decisions and unexpected fun. The giggles, talks, teasing, food-times, movies with best friends give us no regrets. Friends really do bring the smile on our faces that was long lost. I had a good time today 🙂 Thanks to my friends. 


Begin everyday with a positive note. A smile on your face and calmness in your heart, for it’s guaranteed to be one of the best ones. 
I had mine. Wouldn’t you want to try for yours?¿



Paint me a wish on the velvet sky..

As she strides along the road late in the night, she realises that there’s something more to the silence and midnight sky. 

She was lost like a fire that was struggling to burn a little brighter. Somehow, the dark, mysterious clouds and violet sky gave her more pleasure than any other. 

She always said it felt like home.

She was one of a kind – mysterious, low-key, captivating every soul her eyes met. Always in her own little world that she hardly spoke about, feeling like she never belong anywhere. 

Was she sad¿?

She always denied, failing to realise her cold eyes meant something more. She was lost and she knew it too. Too scared to own it all and built a wall so high, never letting anyone break in.

People saw only the cold rage in her but failed to notice a never-ending sky, so beautiful with shinning stars and moonlight that dazzled on her heart. 

All she had to do was break free, but with the ironic battle between her mind and heart, she felt lost and defeated. But pretty soon she realised that life isn’t a smooth sail and shouldn’t let it keep her down. Atleast not anymore.

With an intense urge to break free,she burst into a trillion stars into the neverending sky and waits to fall for the one who wishes upon her. 

★ They say every atom in our body was once a part of star. Maybe she wasn’t leaving, maybe she’s just going home ★